Free Antivirus for Android

Android smartphones have become so popular that the badguys are now gunning for them with viruses and malware.  There is a lot of debate as to how effective antivirus programs really are for Android. My feeling is that half a shield is better than no shield.

Surprisingly, much of the malware for Android comes from malicious apps users download right from the Android app store.  Your best line of defense is to stick with official apps from known, reputable firms.

Free Android Antivirus:

AVG –  I used this on the Android phone I had for about 6 months.  It always worked in the background but it showed up in the notification bar that it checked each download.  I never had a problem with it.  They make an Android tablet version that is worth checking out.  Your tablet should be protected too.

Avast! –  A reputable firm. I have no experience with this product.

Lookout –  I have not used this product. But since other firms compare themselves to Lookout that gives them some credibility.

Avira – German. Free.

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