Free Antivirus for the Mac

The bad guys are starting to target Apple Macintosh computers running OS X.  As of this writing, I am not yet convinced that the average Mac user need pay for AV protection.  However, I would not run my Mac today without having at least a free antivirus program on it.

WARNING: Be aware that there are Mac trojans masquerading as virus scanners!

Here are some free AV programs for the Mac from trustworthy companies:

1. Avast! Free anti-virus for Mac –  I have not used it but Avast’s Windows AV is excellent. Good company.

2. Comodo anti-virus for Mac – has a good reputation.

3. ClamXav –  a Mac version of the Win. open source antivirus program.  This has been around for years and is gaining in popularity.

4. Sophos Free –  Sophos has a pretty good reputation and they are a reliable company.

5. Avira – German, Free.

So what about your personal recommendation?  I currently use iAntivirus free from PC Tools on my Macs, however as I write this  they have a “Coming Soon” blocking page up for a new version so I cannot recommend it until I see it.

Note: there are many paid antivirus programs from many reputable companies available.  Most are expensive to buy and renew.  I have used several paid programs and had trouble removing them after they had expired which is something very unusual for software running on Mac OS X. Personally, I would try one of the above, free programs first.

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