Secure and Private Search Engines

Privacy is now a major concern for web searchers.  Here are three web search engines that are about as secure as anything gets on the WWW.  All three provide security First, by letting your enter your search query on a secure server (SSL) and Second, by keeping no record log of you or your search.  Therefore there is no data about you or your queries to subpoena or steal.


DuckDuckGo – American company, mainly uses Bing to provide search data but also collects it’s own data then remixes.  Results are quite good for everyday use.  This is my preferred search engine. IOS and Android mobile app available.

Start Page – Dutch owned site.  Uses plain vanilla feed from Google, so you are getting Google results without geo-location (local) adjustments and without any personalization. Quite good. IOS and Android mobile app available.

Ixquick – Dutch owned site by the same people that own Start Page. This is a meta-search engine: it queries several search engines, compares the results, and the more search engines that agree on the ranking of a web page the higher it appears in the search results. IOS mobile app available.

Keep in mind that major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo are gathering as much information as they can about you and what you like to search for.   With that information they custom craft the search results you see.  The three secure searches above are recording no data about you so there is nothing that can be used against you.


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