4 Free Office Suites for Your Computer

Below are a list of free replacements for the expensive Microsoft Office suite. W = Windows, M= Mac, L=Linux.

LibreOffice – W, M, L. A fork of OpenOffice. This is the office suite that comes with many linux distros. It can read/write most MSOffice formats. Contains 6 apps. Considered the most actively updated suite. I use this on my Linux computers.

OpenOffice – W, M, L. A solid 6 app office suite. Well supported, even IBM contributes code to this project.

NeoOffice – M only. A Mac OS X only office suite. 3 apps – spreadsheet, word processor and presentation. More Mac-centric interface. I still use this on my Mac. Mac installer.

Calligra Suite – W, M, L. Linux is the best supported port. Count’em, 8 apps in one suite! Office apps, graphics app, and project managment app. I have not tried this.  Don’t let that dissuade you, since it is free download it and give it a spin.

A lot of people think they are stuck with the high cost of MSOffice, or they think they have to stick with Windows or Mac OS X because that is what MSOffics runs on.  Well you can use any OS and have a free high powered, full featured office suite no matter what.


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