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Finding Free Ebooks and Textbooks

Everybody likes to get something free.  Here are some good sources for free and legal ebooks on the internet.


Free Ebooks for Kindle:

Amazon has new Kindle ebooks that are available for free for one or two days.  Not surprisingly, some enterprising souls have started blogs to point out the free Kindle books each day.  Here are two that I like:

Ereader News Today – I follow this on my Facebook feed each day and I have gotten lots of great books for free.

Pixel of Ink – Another outstanding free Kindle book blog.


Free Ebook Archives:

There are a heck of a lot of free ebooks, both fiction and non-fiction that were published before 1923 and are therefore in the public domain.  Below are several good archives for these ebooks.

Feedbooks – Feedbooks has books for sale, but they also have quite a few free public domain and self published ebooks.

Project Gutenberg – 39,000 books. All are free and had been previously published by established publishers. – 29,000 books. Back when I carried a Palm PDA this was my favorite archive for ebooks. Because it can convert your ebook to so many formats this is a very handy archive for those who have either a Kindle or some other ereader which may use a different format.


Free Textbooks:

Text Books for Free –  Links to a lot of free textbooks.

Wikibooks –  Free, community edited textbooks from the makers of Wikipedia.



Text Archive at –  While not the most user friendly site in the world, has a lot of ebooks, textbooks and documents.  You just have to dig for them.

Calibre (free software) –  Calibre is management software for your ebook library.  It helps you search and sort your ebooks, convert them to different formats, sync ebooks to your devices, and more.  Very handy to have once your collection grows.  Ebook readers and ebook file formats come and go and Calibre can keep your entire elibrary readable over the long haul.

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